The Closer Shop

The Closer Shop rewires the shopping experience. Powered by premium fashion stores, this trailblazing platform revives the golden age of retail and puts the distribution of style back in the hands of experts. 

For too long the Californian internet cartels have digitilised the human experience, dominated our choices and determined our wardrobes. The Closer Shop recasts shopping based on the local, in-store experience. The people, the community and the city around you are most worthy of your love. The Closer Shop brings style home.

The Closer Shop plugs you into the local shop network, connecting you with your nearest independent store. These beautiful, bricks-and-mortar stores do not exist online. The Closer Shop brings their exclusive brands and products to your screen for the first time. Ever. 

All the benefits are local. The Closer Shop is online shopping that’s all about the offline. Which means your shopping cart makes fewer journeys and leaves a lighter footprint. You can pick up at the nearest participating retailer for a discount. 

Independent, ethical and rooted in the sustainability revolution, The Closer Shop has noble goals: to reduce environmental impact, to champion traditional retailers and to respect the local distributors and agents who safeguard brands, trends and tribes. 

Keep style in the hands of those who know. 

Support your local shopkeeper.